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What I want for my music And fans of my music


Just contemplating today over my music and the journey that I’ve been on Until this day‘ Turn my lover of music into a business ‘ Thoth music ‘ Sumomo dojo , thoth Studio publishing BMI songwriter Publisher Sally engineer Mixing engineer Mastering engineer Home recording studio Music producer https://open.spotify.com/artist/6l4bqstldnTeBxn4HHsxlZ?si=zUWwor6PQlWJzSDg0xJ3hw Now my music is streaming on all major streaming platforms ‘ Now having a reasonable social media platform following Over 100,000 I’m counting ‘ i’m very appreciative Also engagements With some cool Peoples Evolving into great opportunities For business and friendships and collaboration 😎 Fans Appreciating what I’m doing it’s also inspiring ‘ from the start I wanted from my music to express my philosophy . philosophy based from my experience Studying philosophy of Eastern Styles of martial artists Also What have gathered Information and wisdom and dogma from religions of the world Esoteric metaphysics Ancient wisdom Science 🧬 knowledge and wisdom comes from one who understands themselves ‘ There is no real you but just the ideal of you 👁 🤔💭 You are what you think about ‘ Have Studied music with the same veracity Used as 👁 studied martial arts 🥋‘ To have a basic knowledge of all aspects of music As well as the business of music .

have my own home studio where Almost daily record and practice and study music ‘ and every day Posting content On social media platforms Promoting Marketing upcoming projects and events new music coming out photos and opinions blogs etc. on multiple platforms YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook ‘ Official website www.sumomodojo.com This is what want for my music ‘ to help others grow every day as a person ‘ With the wisdom of mindfulness ‘ And presence of mind awareness when I sing or rap really do I sing or rap about relationships ‘ running theme throughout my songwriting love life and life will love you back ‘ Illuminate yourself from the inside out ‘ To share love and to spread love manifesting into a unique sound and voice 🕉 To express good vibrations to the world ‘ and ultimately being of service to my community and the world ‘ yes I said that and I mean it ! The world on that Thoth music for life ‘ Spreading love and sharing love It’s not your fault 🕊

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