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Been sometime since Making a posted Been busy putting out work ‘ Always sharpening the sword ‘ Each day part of my routine meditation love creating art making and recording music‘ Photos videos ‘ 4 The craft ‘ 🕊 although as independent artist you have to know ‘ :( that the music industry is a business ‘ by focusing on one thing you’re not focusing on the other ‘ you have to find a form of balance Business and art ‘ myself with a backlog of music that should be out to the public not sitting in mine ‘ computer ‘ Art is for others to see ‘ art is when you make something you want someone else to see or hear it ‘ Philosophy ‘that is art ‘ for me ‘ also nowadays people consume content so fast ‘ One cannot linger with one project too long ‘ without putting something right behind ‘ That one , in the pipeline ‘ i’m ready to go ‘ Making music marketing and promoting project a little tricky ‘ Regarding how to push one project or to put money behind it ‘ For me I’ll leave it up to the audience ‘ by perceiving that the audience Begin gravitating toward one project over the other ‘ determining which project can put money behind push further ‘ Far as marketing promotion ‘ Strategy ‘ My single the sun ☀️ Came out May 3 2019 is doing well ‘is being considered for placement in the NBA ‘. Distribute this song through United masters ‘ Will keep you posted ‘ also have another single coming out called how I’m feeling ‘ will be distributing also through United masters ‘ A Independent Artis today there’s so many platforms ‘ to choose from ‘ Where is the best place for ones music ‘ usually distribute through Tune core ‘ research on United masters decided to put some music Out with them ‘ New single coming out June 26 ‘ Called ( hollow I’m feeling ‘) hey ‘ instrumental Thoth music flavor 4u’ Put in the work out ‘ Usually make my own music ‘ that Thoth music ‘ Always being offered beats 4me ‘ #Musician Used to be offended ‘ thought it was a slight against my music ‘ Now I understand To collaborate . did a single call ( At it again ) You can hea 👂🏾 it see it now on YouTube channel Thoth studios publishing ‘ Also did something called Sumomo free styling dojo ‘ Sumomo Free styling on Beats Hip-hop R&B soul school summer style ‘ Live performance ‘ vacation condo Bathroom ‘ Just me and my Mac book ‘ Putting out 🔥 Popular on my IG If you get a chance check them out think you will enjoy ‘ 🗣🎙👂🏾💃 Putting out the work ‘ To no one’s purpose ’ Then do it well 🕊 🕉

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