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Sumomo Quality content To add value to me life and fans

To add value As you put out your content ‘ 4 Thoth Studio publishing arts and entertainment company ‘ Music production Studio ‘ and a independent artists Today’s to be social media savvy in your marketing planning it’s very important nowadays ‘ promotion and marketing Direct to fans Knowing what fans responding to and engaging with regarding Once content you’re producing ‘ Product or service your providing customers are fans Adding value to consumers life ‘ Thoth Studios publishing arts and entertainment company ‘ Music production Studio ‘ producer Actor Musician Recording Artis Director photographer videos songwriter Philosopher ‘ Entrepreneur CEO Wearing many hats 🎩 Balance and patience ‘ the key 🔑 Love what you’re doing and adding value to others ‘ Adding value ‘ Providing content That entertain and educate ‘ And to become a better me ‘ Sumomo putting the work out ‘ Also have a new single coming out August 9 called rocket ship ‘ Had a dream one night and Prince gave me the song ‘ 2 Put out Live life with no fear ‘ Rocketship 🚀 Streaming around the world on all major streaming platforms ‘ Become a member of my website ‘ and provide value for each other

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