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Music and spirituality

Wow ‘ thinking about spirituality the journey I’m taking as a musician and as a spirit have any physical experience ‘ music playing a pivotal part of my development as a person human being ‘ Music has become a way to express myself physically and spiritually as a way to interpret the time spending as a individual, on this world ‘ existed we call earth ‘ Music has the power to aspire goodness as well as Hate Disruption Love or even in difference ‘ vibration rhythm and timing ambience these are some of the qualities that make life worth living ‘ for me a music flow freely without too much consciousness flows through me as an artist ‘ Life is a school and we are here to learn our own personal lesson in my lesson I believe comes from my expression as an artist whether it’s music martial arts photographs acting ‘ Music has the ability to color life to show happiness sadness joy and all of the above is a great gift one which I take very seriously ‘ universal energy to know moment in time ‘ provoking thoughts feelings emotions ‘ As a spirit having a physical experience ‘ Life feels eternal ‘ on the soundtrack of the eternal life hopefully one of my tracts please ‘ On the playlist On all that exist ‘ on the positivity Five ‘ Sumomo 4u thoth Studios 4u ‘ spirituality what does that mean all is mine and mine is all ‘ wisdom and learning from once mistake ‘ caring about others ‘ but caring for yourself ‘ which is the ultimate love learning the lesson that you need to learn in school we call life ‘ Music is like dreaming out loud I can bring the people together of all races all kinds of different languages it’s a vibe with a feeling that’s a great gift ‘ spirituality a spirit having a physical experience ‘Although not losing sight of One spirit ‘ Physical What is not losing sight Freely Spirit having any physical experience expressing music spiritually ‘ that’s where I’m at right now ‘ eternal cosmic flow of life on the soundtrack ‘ there’s nothing new under the sun everything is pre-or Dane ‘ throughout the book of life ‘ Spirit physical experience ‘ Thoth studios love life my life will love you back ‘ 🕉

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