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Independent artist lifestyle

2008 started a publishing company and record label ‘ Thoth Studios publishing And Thoth music label in order to produce and distribute my art content ‘ mom has always given me musical instruments Birthday presents and gifts as a little kid in order to keep me quiet as young as a baby banging on pots and pans ‘ making and creating music ‘ it’s been very natural not even believing it was a skill ‘ 2008 Mom a great painter Artis of Hawaiian style local life ‘ Tropical island Colorful Warm and charming artwork ‘ while visiting her in the hospital after a fall ‘ wishing her to recover quickly ‘ she said to me ‘ you spent a lot of your life as a martial artist ‘ and have achieved many of your goals ‘ since have been studying Martial arts since 14 years old ‘ Developing a international reputation TV magazines movies championships etc. being invited to Japan and performing before the royal couple Kendo ‘ Mom believing I would be of better service in the world if I would begin to put out my music ‘ as her son I promise I would begin to put music out if she would get well ‘ Not knowing how to begin or how to start but began the journey ‘ fast forward 2019 ‘ Now knowing my ignorance was a blessing ‘ Now have any clear understanding of the music industry ‘ A reality not a fantasy ‘ Produce create perform engineer mixing mastering Video director video editing promotion and marketing social media provider ‘ As an artist one of the hardest things is to find your voice and the time and environment to do so ‘ Especially being thick skin enough not to be derailed by others opinions ‘or criticism ‘ As the martial artist have always been competitive ‘ Wanted to be the best you can be philosophy Self mastery By sharpening the sword Now transferring my competitive nature upon my music career Learning history regarding music The winner the losers their mistakes their greatness ‘ Coming to the conclusion music i a way of life ’ Every day I’m working on music ‘ as in meditation start my days as in martial arts one of the most important things to always remember is the basics ‘ your fundamentals ‘ Either play the piano or the guitar ‘ also vocals ‘ Doing most of my task in rotation ‘ Some days I’m mixing some days on mastering some days I’m creating ‘ always keeping up with the latest technology latest music rumors ‘ and is ever-changing landscape ‘ now am being recognized just as much as a recording artist as I was a martial artist ‘ As a martial artist Eastern philosophy spirituality ‘ paid a very important part in my development ‘ as a songwriter and musician composer wanted to integrate spirituality and music ‘ blending eastern philosophy and Egyptology Mindfulness Mentalism Truth justice and righteousness ‘ musical spiritual groove Electronica R&B funk soul hip hop rap jazz Blues Thoth music ‘ Thoth a deity introduce music and magic Wisdom to humanity ‘ interdependent recording Artis Able to record all material then produce distributed promote and marketing ‘ Singles and albums ‘ there’s no better time than now to have such abilities ‘ The Internet has made it a level playing field Spotify Playlist https://open.spotify.com/artist/6l4bqstldnTeBxn4HHsxlZ?si=6oPOA_gBSHaWcz38CPW__A As well as other streaming platforms ‘ distributor am Promotional Marketing to market your Content Online marketing Investing in yourself ‘ Is your dream ‘ As a musician Loving to play music as an art form ‘ today’s musical environment for an artist is a lot of social media content providing ‘ Have to be careful that it don’t let you get away from the music ‘ For me the messages to music Let them dance even though the ears Music wisdom 🎶 I guess in conclusion independent artist musician businessman modern day music industry it’s a lot of work you have to love what you doing ‘ no one’s going to help you ‘ In the long run it’s a good thing nothing taste sweeter when you earned it Your old voice as an artist and person Thoth Studios Sumomo 4u. Independent artist lifestyle 🎶💃

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