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Home recording studio’ started putting together my studio at home around 2008 recording music has always been an interest of mine even going back to eight tracks also using different speakers to create and record music ‘ after being requested by my mother after the accident she was in the hospital and advise me to start creating putting out my music ‘ saying if you put out music I will get better ‘ ok Sometimes being ignorant ‘ regarding ones task Knowledge and particulars ‘ know what you’re doing and how to start the journey‘ ‘Although your ignorance can be the wind at your back ‘ Music industry looking from the outside looking in was assuming that everyone played all their own instruments wrote all of their songs ‘ For me especially being a fan of Prince controlling producing his own music which is a hero of mine ‘ after spending multiple years of putting The studio recording equipment software

and headaches and disappointment and distraction to many music Recording‘s Now find myself Jack of all trades ‘ regarding music creation out of necessity ‘ fast forward to 2019 a lot of music is coming from home recording studios now ‘ as the technology social media has caught up with ‘ The confines of recording music other than at a major recording studio ‘ now a personal skills have an ability to match any large ’ major recording studio with your voice and sound and uniqueness ‘ and with online distribution get it right to your fans ‘ Now though thinking back at my journey ‘ dedication and perseverance a little bit of insanity ‘ Large amount of time

Now I’m very happy that there’s a larger community of a home recording artist ‘ most popular independent artist Today ‘ Come up as a martial artist still have to admit putting the studio has been one of the hardest things I’ve been through ‘ To achieve all of the skills ‘ Nothing is easy ‘ Everything has a price ‘ even independence ‘ Popular today to believe a home studio is easy ‘ well it’s not in less you got it like that ‘ Sumomo Thoth Studios 4u On Thoth 4life 🕉🕊🎹

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