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Finished my second album

Finished my second album ‘ Full circle my first album I did not know what I was doing ‘ but it came out so well looking backwards ‘ Once I was in a hospital bed ‘ listening to my first album ‘ listening to it it inspired me ‘ no second album ‘ scheduled to come out August 14 my birthday 🎉 mixed and mastered created all the music ‘ Second album did the same thing ‘ Sumomo dojo Music of the way ‘ name of my first album ‘ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/49wapwOnHFGkUeP2BCfDPy?si=iBgaL3fSSmGpGprM8ttY9g 2 Thoth Music Electronic 🎶 All instrumental is the same as the first album ‘ You can push play put it on repeat or even shuffle play ‘ Then go about your day soundtrack for life ‘ I have two singles out already off the album ‘ streaming on Spotify and all streaming platforms ‘ One is called the sun https://open.spotify.com/album/4xQyDPd6tj3h1metSZDZs9?si=lO3-EHQzS5mHR7RkrvhzOQThe other is called how I’m feeling ‘ Will put it on the website ‘ also have exclusive songs only for and featured on website Sumomo dojo www.sumomodojo.com

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