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Ask for what you want

Ask for what you want’ sometimes is one of ones most important things you need to do is to be clear 2 what you want‘ if you want others to help you achieve your goal ‘ $8 billion free after taxes ‘ Believe I have created content worthy of a small morsel from the universe ‘ of 8 million ‘ Hawaii resident ‘ Thoth music renaissance Sumomo dojo ‘ The world is moving into a interesting place ‘ New vibration ‘ chill open minded ‘ which will propel humanity to next level ‘ Music will be the soundtrack to this new evolution ‘ Thoth studios Sumomo dojo ‘ 4u ‘ The one thing constant in life is change ‘ asked what you want just might get it ‘ $8 million tax-free ‘ working to make the world a better place today 🕉 The secret 8 million after taxes 🗣🎶 manifest

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